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European Car Servicing

Specialised European Car Servicing

We’re your one-stop-shop for all your Audi, Skoda, and Volkswagen servicing. If your car is between 3 and 12 years of age, we can take care of everything including WOFs, tyres, wheel alignment, repairs, and other maintenance needs.

We have the personnel, equipment, and premium German brand Wurth products on hand to service your vehicle. Why pay a premium to get the work done at a branded dealership when we can achieve the same high level of service and quality?

Why bring your European vehicle to Mt Eden VCC?

  • All technical servicing is performed in accordance with Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen’s official recommendations
  • Diagnostic scanning software specific to Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen
  • We also operate premium brand Snap-on equipment for diagnostics and scanning
  • VW-Audi approved engine oil, power steering and transmission fluids
  • We do all types of mechanical repairs – including brakes, cambelts, cooling systems, seatbelts, electronics, gear box, auto transmission, and more
  • Warrant of Fitness (WOF) checks
  • All your mechanical warrant insurance work (Autosure, Driveright, etc)
  • As a member of the Collision Repair Association, we can undertake panel and paint crash repairs on your Audi, Skoda, or Volkswagen
  • We undertake all glass repairs or replacement requirements, for all insurance companies

Custom Re-Builds

Do you have an old classic just sitting in your garage waiting to be restored? Maybe you’ve inherited a vintage beaut from your grandparents and want to return it to it’s glory days. Perhaps an old Chevrolet Statesman, Valiant Regal, Dodge Charger or Ford XY GTHO in need of a little love?

We have many years of experience restoring classic vehicles according to different requirements and budgets. If needed we can create a restoration schedule and work on your project bit by bit as your budget allows. We understand this is often a journey of love, and work with you to make your dream happen.

Our re-build services include:

  • Panel work
  • Full engine strips
  • Suspension
  • Glass work
  • Body stripped or dipped
  • Bare metal restoration
  • Custom fabrication and modifications
  • Vehicle rust proofing treatments
  • Paint jobs (from standard factory colour touch-ups to full custom re-sprays)

Give us a call today and find out what we can do for your baby!

Performance Engine Modifications

Performance engine modifications can unlock your car’s full potential, giving you better fuel economy and more power. Don’t let factory settings hold you back from achieving the ultimate in engine performance!

Our passionate team have many years of experience in performance engine modifications and will consult with you about the best ways to custom tune your vehicle, while still keeping safety an utmost priority.


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